Marmora Pumped Storage Project

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Ranking for 2014: 69

Industry Sector: Energy

Specific Sector: Hydroelectric

Range: $500,000,000 - $1 billion

Project Value: $700,000,000

Government Funds Involved: N/A

Funding Source: Private

Location: Marmora, Ontario

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2020


This 400 MW pumped storage project will make use of an abandoned water-filled open- pit mine to store energy like a battery. Located on private land in Marmora, Ontario, the project will use low rate, off-peak energy to pump water into a raised reservoir, which will be constructed above the existing mine. During peak hours, when energy prices are higher, the water will be released into the mine through a hydroelectric turbine to generate electricity. In this way, excess electricity from non-controllable sources like solar and wind generators can effectively be stored for any desired period of time. Although pumped storage technology is new to Canada, it has been in use in Europe, the United States, and Japan since at least the 1960s. The project is endorsed by the County, Township, and many local residents. The development phase of the project continues as Ontario’s energy supply remains an important area of infrastructure development. Northland Power continues to work with the Independent Electricity System Operator to secure an energy services contract. They hope to complete the project by 2020.

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