Romaine Complex

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Image Credit: Hydro-Québec

Ranking for 2019: 7

Industry Sector: Energy

Specific Sector: Hydroelectric

Range: $5 billion +

Project Value: $6,500,000,000

Provincial: Hydro-Québec: $6.5 billion

Government Funds Involved: N/A

Funding Source: Public

Location: Havre-Saint-Pierre, Quebec

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2020


This 1,550-MW hydroelectric complex on the Romaine River involves four generating stations and reservoirs spaced over 150 kilometres along the Romaine River, located on the north shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Each station will have an associated rockfill dam, two generating units, and a spillway. One permanent access road 150 kilometres long will also be built as part of the project linking the generating station to the regional highway.

Hydro-Québec began its work in summer of 2009. Romaine-2 was commissioned in 2014, followed by Romaine-1 in 2015, and Romaine-3 in 2017. Work on Romaine-4 is underway, and includes building of all the structures associated with a new power generation facility: generating station, dam, diversion, spillway, tailrace canal, headrace tunnel, etc. Excavation of the spillway and water intake, along with the temporary diversion structure, were completed in 2018.

Romaine-4 is expected to be online in 2020.


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