Lake St. Martin and Lake Winnipeg Outlet Channel project

Ranking for 2020: 83

Industry Sector: Water

Specific Sector: Water Wastewater

Range: $540 million +

Project Value: $540,000,000

Government Funds Involved: Public

Funding Source: Public

Location: Manitoba

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2025

In 2011, southern Manitoba experienced widespread flooding and Lake Manitoba experienced excessively high inflows through the Waterhen River, Whitemud River, and the Portage Diversion. This flood protection project is intended to improve lake level regulation and consequently reduce the likelihood of flooding along Lakes Manitoba and St. Martin.

The $540 million flood protection project consists of two 23km long outlet channels with associated control structures and bridge crossings as well as an 80km all-weather access road and a 24kV transmission line to the Lake St. Martin outlet channel control structure. The Lake Manitoba outlet channel will connect Watchorn Bay on Lake Manitoba to Birch Bay on Lake St. Martin and the Lake St. Martin outlet channel will drain Lake St. Martin from a point in the southeast to Willow point in Lake Winnipeg. Outlet Channel construction is scheduled to commence in 2020.

Manitoba recognizes its duty to consult with Indigenous peoples in a meaningful way. The engagement and consultation process is currently underway, with thirty-one Indigenous Communities identified as having the potential to be affected by the project.

Project Owner: Government of Manitoba

Engineer: Hatch; KGS Group

Contractor: 513 Construction Ltd./Glen Hartman Construction Ltd. (all-weather road construction); Interlake Regional Tribal Council/Sigfusson Northern Ltd. (all-weather road construction)

Environmental Services: North/South Consultants Inc.; M. Forster Enterprises; Stantec; E. Hicks & Associates Ltd.; Szwaluk Environmental Consulting Ltd.; Magellanicum Ecological Services