Dwyer Hill Training Centre

Rank 2024


Image Credit: DND

Industry Sector: Buildings

Project Type: Military

Project Value: $1.4 billion

Funding Source: Public

Province: Ontario

City / Region: Ottawa

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2034

The Department of National Defence is investing in a $1.4 billion (taxes included), 10-year infrastructure project to upgrade facilities at the Dwyer Hill Training Centre (DHTC) in Ottawa. This investment will provide the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) with the modern infrastructure needed to support their training and operations. This project will provide more than 100,000 2m of purpose-built space to meet CANSOFCOM’s long-term growth, training, and high-readiness operational needs. Work includes replacing 89 aging and temporary structures with 23 new facilities; renovating seven buildings; and upgrading the site’s utilities. Construction began in May 2023. Foundations for new buildings and concrete work will start in 2024. Most of the building demolition work will occur between 2028 and 2032, while the construction of major buildings will be completed between 2026 and 2033. 

Project Owner: Department of National Defence

Project/Construction Manager: EllisDon Corporation (Construction Manager)

Other Key Players: Hanscomb (cost consultant)

Management Consultants: Defence Construction Canada (Contract Managemen); Colliers Project Leaders (Project Management Services)