Highway 1 Upgrades – Kamloops To Alberta

Rank 2021


Industry Sector: Transit

Range $872.7 million

Specific Sector: Highway

Project Value: $872,700,000

Government Funds Involved: Public

Funding Source: Public

Location British Columbia

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2024

The Government of B.C. has embarked on a 10-year project to expand the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) between the city of Kamloops and the Alberta border. The focus of the expansion is to four-lane the entire section of roadway, which includes 339 km under the jurisdiction of the B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as well as 101 km under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada.

There are three sections of the work that are scheduled for completed over the next three-to-five years:
Hoffman’s Bluff to Jade Mountain, at a cost of $199 million, to be completed by 2022;
Salmon Arm West, at a cost of $163 million, to be completed by 2023; and
Kicking Horse Canyon Phase 4, at a cost of $450 million, to be completed by 2024.

The RFQ for the Kicking Horse Canyon Project was released in September, carrying an additional $35 million price tag to cover the cost of the implementation of a Community Benefits Agreement.

One section of the Hoffman’s Bluff to Jade Mountain section is under construction.

Project Owner: B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Engineer: Wood Group (consulting)

Contractor: Emil Anderson Construction Inc. (Pritchard to Hoffman's Bluff)

Other Key Players: Golder (geotech, environmental services); Englobe (pavement engineering services, QA, QV); WSP (construction supervision services); McElhanney (design and planning services)

Financing Detail: The province has committed $650 million to upgrading the highway over the next 10 years. however, the Kicking Horse Canyon project, which represents a $450 million share, includes $215 million in federal funding.The federal government also announced an additional $7.27 million in funding for work on a section of the highway west of Golden.

2020 Rank: 58

2019 Rank: 58

2018 Rank: 58

2017 Rank: 70

2016 Rank: NR