London Bus Rapid Transit system

Rank 2021


Industry Sector: Transit

Range $498 million

Specific Sector: BRT

Project Value: $498,000,000

Government Funds Involved: Public

Funding Source: Public

Location Ontario

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2028

The London bus rapid transit (BRT) system is a proposed 23.7-kilometre system that will run throughout the city’s busiest corridors. The current iteration’s north-south route runs from the downtown to the city’s north end past Western University, and to the south end near Highway 401. The west-east corridor will run west from the downtown past Wonderland Road, and east to the campus of Fanshawe College.

The project has received $170 million of provincial funding, and the City of London has budgeted $130 million for the project. While there is under $200 million in funding commitments still outstanding, the federal government contribution for transit funding for the next decade exceeds the amount needed to pay for the balance of the project.

If the project is kept to its current timeline, construction is phased and estimated to begin on the east corridor in 2020 and on the north corridor in 2022, with the opening of these corridors in 2023 and 2026 respectively. Construction would then begin on the south corridor in 2023 and on the west corridor in 2025, and open by 2026 and 2028.

Other Key Players: IBI Group;WSP(JV)

Financing Detail: As of late September, the City of London had not officially confirmed that it would use part of the more than $208 million in committed federal funding in order to help build the London BRT system.

2020 Rank: 90

2019 Rank: 90

2018 Rank: NEW

Municipal Funding Number: 130000000