Montreal Metro Car Replacement

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Image Credit: By Shanmugamp7 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Industry Sector: Transit

Project Type: Subway

Project Value: $2.191 billion

Funding Source: Public

Provincial Funding: Transports Québec: $1.62 billion

Municipal Funding: STM: $574 million

Province: Quebec

City / Region: Montreal

The scope of the project is to replace half of the STM metro cars with 468 new rubber tired metro cars (52 trains of 9 cars), infrastructure modifications, wayside equipment and operational integration to introduce the new rolling stock.

On February 6, 2016, the first AZUR train was put in revenue service with passengers on the STM’s Orange line. After 60 days in service, the train showed an acceptable reliability to start receiving the other trains on a one train per month basis. The delivery will progressively increase in order to meet the 2018 deadline for the deliery of the total 468 cars.

The STM is performing all the maintenance of the new trains in the STM main workshop which was completly modified and equipped with automatic train washing, full train lifting system to replace bogies, overhead cranes, traction pawer system. The new training programs based on e-learning and train simulators are in full operation to train the conductors on the new trains.

Project Owner: Société de transport de Montréal (STM)

Engineer: SNC-Lavalin (owner’s engineer); Stantec; AECOM (engineering, project management, sustainability)

Other Key Players: Hatch; KPMG (procurement advice); Englobe (QA and QC inspection services)

Vehicle Supplier Names: Bombardier-Alstom consortium

2018 Rank: 20

2017 Rank: 19

2016 Rank: 18

2015 Rank: 18