North End Sewage Treatment Plant Biological Nutrient Removal Upgrade

Rank 2021


Industry Sector: Water

Range $1.789 billion

Specific Sector: Water Wastewater

Project Value: $1,789,000,000

Government Funds Involved: Public

Funding Source: Public

Location Manitoba

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2023

The Province of Manitoba has issued the City of Winnipeg an Environment Act License requiring the treatment of nutrients (such as nitrogen and phosphorus) among other requirements at the this treatment facility. The implementation of a nutrient-removal process will require a major plant expansion and, given the age of the infrastructure and the complexity of phasing the construction, several new facilities will be constructed. The addition of wet weather treatment processes associated with combined sewer overflow control must be considered in the overall nutrient-removal process design and operational effluent disinfection for wet weather.

In February 2019, Winnipeg City Council approved a request to break the overall project into three separate capital projects:
North End Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades: Power Supply & Headworks Facilities – $408 million
North End Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades: Biosolids Facilities – $553 million
North End Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrades: Nutrient Removal Facilities – $828 million

Project Owner: City of Winnipeg

Project/Construction Manager: KGS Group (owner's advocate/consultant)

Engineer: AECOM (owner's advocate/consultant); Wood Group (consulting)

Other Key Players: Hanscomb; Veolia; P1 Consulting Ltd.

Legal: Blake, Cassels & Graydon

2020 Rank: 35

2019 Rank: 35

2018 Rank: 62

2017 Rank: 80

2016 Rank: 82

2015 Rank: NEW

2014 Rank: NEW

Municipal Funding Number: 1594000000