Ottawa LRT – Stage 2

Rank 2020


Industry Sector: Transit

Range $4.657 billion

Specific Sector: LRT

Project Value: $4,657,000,000

Government Funds Involved: P3

Funding Source: P3

Location Ontario

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2023

Ottawa’s mayor, council, and representatives from the city’s business, tourism, and academic communities officially launched the Ottawa LRT Stage 2 funding request to the federal and provincial governments. Stage 2 will further reduce commute times by adding 19 new stations and 30 kilometres of rail to Ottawa’s O-Train system between 2018 and 2023. It was recently confirmed through EA work it can be constructed within the $3-billion budget established in the city’s 2013 Transportation Master Plan.

The project will:
Extend the Confederation Line east from Blair to Orléans, with stations at St.Joseph, Jeanne D’Arc, Orléans Drive, and Place d’Orléans;
Extend the Confederation Line west to Algonquin College and Bayshore, with stations at Westboro, Dominion, Cleary, New Orchard, Lincoln Fields, Queensview, Pinecrest, Iris, Baseline, and Bayshore; and
Extend the O-Train to Riverside South and Bowesville, with a new station at Gladstone, and stations at Walkley, South Keys, Leitrim, and Bowesville.

Early works are underway for the exntensions in all three directions, and this work has only intensified since the completion of the Confederation Line. For the east extension, summer 2019 marked the start of lane windening work on Highway 174 eastbound. For the west, realignment work on the Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway was close to completion, which will make way for a cut-and-cover trench/tunnel Dominion Station and the to-be-constructed Cleary Station. For the south extension, site clearning measures got underway in September at the home of the future Rail Mainternance and Storage Facility.

Project Owner: City of Ottawa

Engineer: McMillen Jacobs Associates (owner's tunnel engineer); Morrison Hershfield (owner’s engineer); Golder (owner's engineer team); Parsons>>

Environmental Services: WSP (environmental lead)

Supplier Other: DECAST Ltd.; Thales (signalling technology)

Legal: Borden Ladner Gervais (legal advisor); Norton Rose Fulbright (advisor for project owner); Osler; Torys (acted for lender)

Road or Transit Length (km): 30

Financing Detail: In July 2015, the federal government announced it would contribute $1 billion to the construction of Stage 2 of the Ottawa LRT, funding that was matched by the Ontario government. There are two additional segments to the project that the City of Ottawa hopes to include, which add $315 million to the project cost: extension of the line to both the airport and the TRIM line. Should both be approved, they will be added to the current construction timeline, the beginning of which is scheduled for 2018 following the completion of the Confederation Line extension.

2019 Rank: 15

2018 Rank: 16

2017 Rank: 17

2016 Rank: 13

2015 Rank: NEW

2014 Rank: NEW

Municipal Funding Number: 2449000000

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