Rivière du Moulin Wind Farm

Rank 2024


Industry Sector: Energy

Project Type: Wind

Project Value: $800 million

Funding Source: Private

Province: Quebec

City / Region: MRC de Charlevoix and MRC du Fjord de Saguenay

This 350-MW wind farm consisting of 175 turbines is expected to be the largest in Canada once completed. Located on remote unincorporated land northeast of Quebec City, its proponents plan to use existing logging roads to access the turbine construction sites. Hydro Quebec has agreed to buy the power produced by the farm, and will be building a 345-kV transmission line to link it to the power grid.

The project will be built in two phases. The first, consisting of 150 MW, was completed at the end of 2014. The second, 200 MW, will be complete by the end of 2015. Almost 300 workers will be on site during peak-time activities, and about 20 permanent jobs will be created to operate the wind farm by the end of 2015.

Project Owner: EDF EN Canada

Engineer: LVM (geotechnical and materials)

Contractor: Construction Énergie Renouvelable (EBC Inc., Transelec/ Le groupe TCI and Construction LFG Inc.)

Other Key Players: Unibéton (Ciment Québec Inc.), Charl-Pol Saguenay

Supplier Other: REpower

2015 Rank: 61

2014 Rank: 56