Sheppard East LRT

Rank 2024


Industry Sector: Transit

Project Type: LRT

Project Value: $1 billion

Funding Source: Public

Federal Funding: $333 million

Provincial Funding: $667 million

Province: Ontario

City / Region: Toronto

The Sheppard East LRT is a 13-kilometre LRT line that will run from Don Mills station to Morningside Avenue. The project includes a 1.1-kilometre tunnel from the subway station to Consumers Road, along with 11.9 km of above surface track, running in a dedicated lane down the centre of Sheppard Avenue. The line will include up to 26 surface stops.

The start of construction was scheduled for sometime in 2017, but delays have caused the construction start to be pushed to 2021.

Project Owner: Metrolinx

Management Consultants: PlanningAlliance, N. Barry Lyon Consultants

2017 Rank: 50

2015 Rank: 51

2014 Rank: 46