Travers Solar Project

Rank 2021


Industry Sector: Energy

Range $500 million

Specific Sector: Education

Project Value: $500,000,000

Government Funds Involved: Private

Funding Source: Private

Location Alberta

Estimated End Date of Substantial Completion: 2021

The Travers Solar Project is the largest solar energy project in Alberta history. Located on approximately 4,700 acres of land eight kilometres southwest of the village of Lomond in Vulcan County, the project will include the installation of around 2.5 million solar photovoltaic modules and 166 inverter/transformer stations.

At 400 MW, the project will generate enough power to supply more than 111,000 homes, offsetting more than 472,000 tonnes of greenhuse gas emissions annually,

Project Owner: Greengate Power

P3 Team Members/Project Team: Greengate Power

Other Key Players: Entuitive

2020 Rank: 88

2019 Rank: 88