Western Alberta Transmission Line

Rank 2024


Industry Sector: Energy

Project Type: Transmission

Project Value: $1.65 billion

Funding Source: Private

Province: Alberta

City / Region: Genesee area west of Edmonton to the Langdon area east of Calgary

This 500-kV, 350-km transmission line will connect the Genesee area west of Edmonton to the Langdon area east of Calgary. Upon completion, the project will improve the reliability and efficiency of the Alberta interconnected electric system and ensure Albertans have access to the lowest-priced power.

About 950 structures will make up the new transmission line. To date, AltaLink has erected more than 600 structures and installed almost 800 structure foundations. The majority of structures are assembled in designated yards off of the right of way. Specialized helicopters are then used to lift, move, and erect sections of the structures. Using a helicopter significantly reduces the amount of construction traffic and corresponding environmental impacts on the right of way.

Construction is expected to be complete in spring 2015.

Project Owner: Altalink

Contractor: SNC-Lavalin (EPC contractor and environmental mgmt)

2015 Rank: 28

2014 Rank: 23